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No.6,3rd floor,southern tower of vali-e-asr complex,After Taleghani Junction,Vali-e-asr st.,Tehran,IRAN

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TSCO in a glimpse

Tosan System Company is stablished on 2002 that works on mobile and computer accessories regarding to great board's knowledge and experience. Accordingly, this complex moved forward complying with modern society. As a summary of Tosan System Company development, at the beginning, there was a mighty commercial department which facilitate it with the best products of foreign and there were three import rules that must be done for choosing products:

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Price

Development of TSCO products among usersthe best by this way

With increasing demands in market, Tosan system Company board realized their vision and stablished their factory to consent their position in producing of computer and mobile accessories in Iran.

TSCO became one of the biggest Computer and mobile accessories in Iran which is abbreviation of "Tosan System Co"

TSCO products has been a favorite brand among computer and mobile accessories shops corresponding to three reasons , high quality , elegant design and adequate price.

CEO Message

I am appreciated of all people who helped TSCO to achieve its grate position. More market share, more satisfied customers and a bright tomorrow is our vision.


Everything can be negotiable in TSCO except the quality To achieve this, we take our technical tests and quality controls very seriously. Our different teams of experts use only the latest equipment to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.


High enthusiasm for development is reason innovation and every day improvement of TSCO.



Our organization is a clear system who is connected to all beneficiaries as much as possible.



To present modern technology without forcing consumers to pay for extra functionality, and to create more choice for each style.



We work to ensure that each customer enjoys the use of high quality Accessories on a daily basis and has more time to communicate with their Friends without any disruption.

Team working

Encourage employees to go among mutual missions as a big family.


Innovation is the most important principle in TSCO, both, on products basis and working methods. We as a team, help each other to achieve success and receive great pleasure from it.

Human resources

TSCO team of experts consists of more than 200 employees who are responsible for every step of preparing material, production, and sale and after sale service.


Due to long years' experience in producing and supplying of computer and mobile accessories, Tosan System Company is awarded in many festivals such as Iranian Technology Stars Festival, Top Brands Conference, National Conference on IT , Congress of Customer Satisfaction Leaders and ...